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The company was established in 1992 as a plastic moulding shop. In 1994 we also included silk-screen printing in our production mostly printing on plastic parts (promotional gifts, PE bags, parts for kitchen scales, parts for dog leads, parts for electrical heaters).
In 2000 we started producing dog leads for the Dutch company of Roller Tremego. We provide the moulding of all parts for this company including assembly and despatching.
In 2001 we started to equip our tool room. Our equipment includes the SV1 SR lathe, SU 63 lathe, FNGJ 32 milling machine, Hauser jig-drilling machine, Kameníček BN 102, the BPH 20 and BPH 300 flat grinding machines, 2UD 750 round grinding machine, VUMA 08 sinking machine, ACIECUT 100 wire cutter and NC centrum STAMA MC 010. We design our own moulds; we do not have the programme for machining yet.
In 2003 we expanded our production to include blow moulding and vacuum moulding (fluorescent light bodies and covers, skylights).
Our main programme today is formed by plastic injection up to 600 g with the closing force of 320 t. We have 15 machines the majority of them made by Arburg. Our customers include Peguform Libáň, ALUCON Lázně Bělohrad, P-Kvartet Roztoky u Jilemnice, Trevos Semily, Haillo Lázně Bělohrad, Ing. Vyrtych – Elektrotechnický závod (electrical products).
The plastic injection  shop of our company is also equipped with the machines of ARBURG 320 (3x), ARBURG 270 (1x), ARBURG 220 (1x), ARBURG 470 (2x), ENGEL 60t (1x), CS 320t (1x), CS 160t (2x), CS 88t (1x) and Butenfeld 30t (1x).

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